I am pleased and impressed to know that, recently Shaheen Golf and Country Club Patenga has designed a website with new and upgraded version. It is indeed the part of recent development done by SGCCP Committee. I think now it will be easy to know about SGCCP, their activities, tournaments, rules & regulations and also the amenities for the members.

I am really glad that, recently SGCCP developed its fairway to play round the year and inaugurated Swimming Pool, Gymnasium and Restaurant etc. Geographically SGCCP is an unique course in Bangladesh and it has become the heaven to the members. My deep appreciation to all Executive Committee Members to make our beloved SGCCP a high standard golf course in the country.

I acknowledge the members contribution for massive development and smooth journey of the club. I wish all of you will continue to promote golf around the world. And InshaALLAH that day is not the far when the player of SGCCP will bring the glory for the country.

I wish all the success of SGCCP and her members in the days ahead.

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