Local Rules

Local Rules

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If the ball can’t be located within 5 minutes, it would be treated as a lost ball and the player is to take a ‘Penalty’ drop. However, if the ball is taken by ‘Crow’ (!) then free drop would be given.

GUR are all areas marked by white line. The free drop must be taken at closest point of relief, within one Club length but not nearer to the hole.

(White Stakes). Out of Bounds are defined by lines between white stakes marked OB. Ball lying on the line or touching the line will be deemed OB.

(Yellow Stakes). Ball is to be dropped directly behind the point of entry.

(Red Stakes). Ball is to be dropped at a place closest to the point of entry.

In case of blue stakes players are allowed with a fee drop and he is to play from the nearest point of fairway but away from the green.

Preferred lie will be allowed as six inches.

A free drop is allowed for ball resting on the casual water.

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