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Dress Code of SGCCP

1. All golfers must respect the dress code of the club by wearing proper golf attire for the game and appropriate dress for other activities of the club as described in subsequent paragraph. Tasteful and appropriate attire is expected at all times.  Members are asked to willingly comply with the code and to make their family & guests aware of the requirements and ensure they comply. Our staff has been authorized to enforce the dress code and has their permission to refuse service to anyone not in compliance.  Persons not meeting these requirements will be asked to comply or may be refused access to the club and its facilities. The following dress code covering various club events has been set for the convenience of our valued members, their families and guests.

2.  All members and non-members using this course or taking part in the competition must wear appropriate clothing and apparel that complies with the Intern
ational Golf Federation (IGF) or Bangladesh Golf Federation dress code regulations: 

    a.  Headgear. Must put on a Cap / Hat / Visor.

    b. Dress.

      1)  General. The following shall apply to all members, tournament participants and non-member guests in SGCCP:

      Collared shirts and tailored trousers or shorts. Shorts and trousers must be of a tailored style. Shorts must be of a reasonable length.

      Non-steel spike golf shoes must be worn. Footwear that damages the course is not permitted on the golf course or strap, cleats, raised heels, or hard spikes and Jeans on the practice areas.
      Not acceptable are track suits, round neck shirt, sweat pants, Jogging pants, cutoffs or beachwear, sandal, chappol, sleeper without back. 

      2)  Men. Sports / golf shirts with collar & sleeves (short / long) or turtleneck shirts may be worn. Shirts must be tucked in at the waist with trousers / Shorts at all time. Shorts should be little below knee length and must be worn with socks. Long trousers “Plus Fours” Bermuda / Walking type shorts below knee may be worn. Frayed or excessively baggy pants/shorts are not permitted. 

      3) Women. Women are required to wear golf appropriate tops or sleeves.  Pants, shorts and skirts are permitted and must be at least mid-thigh in length. Golf shirts, tailored slacks, turtleneck blouses/ sweater, long   trousers or shorts / skirts but not shorter than 5 inches above knee are permitted. Sleeveless shirts, blouses and other dresses must have collar.  

    c.  Shoes. Participants must put on proper golf shoes with soft spikes. Golf shoes with iron spikes and PT or Jogging shoes are not allowed.  

    Note: The above guidelines apply to junior golfers as well as adult golfers. 

3.  Golfers or Visitors may put on decent casual dress with long trouser and shirt (preferably full sleeves at night) tucked-in at the waist in side the

Restaurant. Hawaii / T-shirt may be worn un-tucked. Jean or slippers without back strap are not allowed. Shirts printed with offensive language or symbols are not allowed. Ladies may wear casual dress like shari, salwar & Kamiz etc. Golfers after a round of golf are allowed to use the restaurant facilities in golf dress. 

    4.  Inauguration and Prize Distribution Ceremony. 

    a. During day time: Participants in the inauguration ceremony must put on golf attire and during prize distribution golf dress but no shorts, sandal or slippers are allowed.  

    b. At Night: During winter from 15 November to 28 February, lounge suit /combination to be worn. During summer from 01 April to 01 November informal dress / Smart Casual with full sleeve shirts tucked in at the waist along with shoes is to be put on. Ladies are requested to put on Salwar & Kamiz or Shari with / without cardigan or shawl during winter. Foreign ladies may wear formal dress or their national dress. 

5.  Annual General Meeting / Executive Committee Meeting and other Club Meeting.

    a. For Men. Closed Neck/ As per circulation depending on season.

    b. For women. Shari / pant & shirt with or without Cardigan / shawl. 

6.  Celebration / Party / Organized Dinner. Appropriate decent dress suitable to the occasion or as per the circulation. 

7.  All members and non-member guests are to comply with the dress code regulations. Sponsors of the tournaments are responsible to inform their guests about the dress code of the occasion, if invited and to ensure that they are properly dressed as per the instruction given in the invitation card. Members are also responsible for the dress and behavior of their accompanying guests at all times while they are in club premises.

NB: Exceptions to all or any of the above regulations may be made for theme parties or other designated events.