Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code of SGCCP

It is often said that the best dressed men are found on the Golf Course, dress usually speaks of the man. The dress code below spells out what is acceptable and not acceptable on the SGCCP course and the practice range:


  • Blue denim jeans/ jeans are prohibited.
  • T-Shirts with Collars/Polo Neck/Mock Neck may only be worn.
  • Golfers should wear appropriate Golf Shoes/flat sports shoe (non marking).
  • Jogging Suits in any form are strictly prohibited.
  • T shirts without collars are prohibited.
  • Shorts of reasonable length only to be worn (must be at least of knee length).
  • Caps if worn, must be worn with the peak in front (turning the peak of the cap behind on the head is not acceptable).
  • Baggies are not acceptable.
  • Pants with loop must be belted.
  • No sandals or rubber chappals.
  • Sleeveless T shirts are not acceptable.
  • Corduroy trousers cut in the shape of jeans are not acceptable.

The caddie master/manager of the club / coach have been advised to politely advice the player / casual golfer to leave the course, including the practice range.

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