Do’s and Dont’s

Do's and Dont's

  1. Members must carry their Membership ID card while using the club.
  2. Members must follow the specific dress code for Club, Golf Course, Ceremony of any party/occasion. Jeans, Panjabi & Chappls are not allowed in the club.
  3. Golfer will not allow to enter the course without proper golf attire at any moment.
  4. Single golfer is not allowed to enter the golf course and he/she must wait for another golfer.
  5. It is restricted for non-golfers to enter the Golf Course.
  6. Guest must be accompanied by the Member or their family.
  7. New golfers are not allowed in the golf course without proper practice in practice range. To play in the main course golfers have to qualify the test taken by Golf Captain/SGCCP authority.
  8. Golfers should adhere Tee Off Time given by the club in the tournament.
  9. To use swimming pool Members must maintain the rules of usage guidelines which are displayed in the swimming pool.
  10. Members are instructed that, do not transaction without money receipt.
  11. If any kind dispute, the decision of SGCCP authority is final.

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