All Presidents

Ser No.RankName-Period
01Air Vice MarshalFakhrul Azam, ndc, pscGD(P)22.04.02 to 07.04.07
02Air MarshalS M Ziaur Rahman, ndc, afwc, pscGD(P)08.04.07 to 12.06.12
03Air MarshalMuhammad Enamul Bari, BBP, ndu, pscGD(P)13.06.12 to 12.06.15
04Air Chief MarshalAbu Eshrar, BBP, ndc, acscGD(P)12.06.15 to 19.10.15
05Air CdreMd Humayun Kabir, BSP, ndc, pscGD(P)20.10.15 to 14.02.16
06Air Vice MarshalEhsanul Gani Choudhury, GUP, ndu, pscGD(P)14.02.16 to 15.02.16
07Air CdreA H M Fazlul Haque, BSP, ndu, afwc, pscGD(P)15.03.16 to 10.05.17
08Air CdreMurshed Hasan Siddiqui, BSP, pscGD(P)11.05.17 to 24.07.18
09Air CdreMuhammad Mafidur Rahman, BUP, ndu, afwc, pscGD(P)24.07.18 to 19.09.18
10Air Vice MarshalMuhammad Mafidur Rahman, BSP, BUP, ndu, afwc, pscGD(P)20.09.18 to till now
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